Once I went to eat out at a Kerala eatery in Bangalore. It was, interestingly, one of my non-Keralite friends who told me about this eatery. He was so excited about this place that I decided to go and check it out myself.

This turned out to be a rather small eatery that was run by a husband-wife team. There was nothing fancy about the place.

I ordered their signature menu. I tell you, it was so, so tasty!

Though it is a small place with no provision to sit inside, people love this place. Some eat over there. Some pack the food and take it home. There’s often a small crowd out there in the evenings. This is the story of Appam Corner in Kamanahalli, Bangalore.

What makes this place so famous? It is something unique about the way this husband-wife duo prepares their signature menu. They add in a unique, mouth-watering taste!

Talking about this, in fact, I think there is something unique about everybody. And as a leader, as a person who influences others, I believe you have something unique about you.

It could be about how you perceive things. It could be about how you explain things. It could be your ability to relate well with your team members. It could be your skill to illustrate things. It could be about the way in which you get yourself ready to attend a meeting or present something before the board of directors.

I don’t know what that uniqueness is but let me encourage you to identify and excel in that uniqueness. Excel in what makes you unique. Spend time developing and sharpening that uniqueness.

Because, after all, that uniqueness makes all the difference in your life. That uniqueness brings profit into your life. That uniqueness makes you a success right over there in the marketplace. That uniqueness helps you to leave a mark in the society, in your workplace, in your family, which cannot be erased.

Work on your uniqueness and work from your uniqueness because there is something beautiful and powerful about that uniqueness given by God to you. Use it because there is profit in it!